Behind the Boobs

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Christy is sexy. Her tits are big. She loves to fuck. She is always ready for a good time. You’ve seen her moan. You’ve seen her cream. You’ve seen her just about every which way…but you’ve never seen her like this. She wanted you to see what goes into making her as sexy as possible for you. When we sat down to review footage, we got to this scene and we laughed and laughed for minutes! She said, “We HAVE TO show them that. The way it REALLY is…” and since we always give Christy what she wants, here it is, for you. Because she said so. You’ll love watching her take shot after shot to the face. (You’ll understand when you watch the video.) And after you see this, take a moment to give Christy some love. She’s one hell of a trooper and she proves it here.