Christy: Fuck Pretzel Extraordinaire

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Right off the bat, we’re going to thank our lucky stars for yoga. Yoga is probably the best thing ever created and today we are going to give it a big shout out. We love yoga, not because we do it or anything, because we don’t, but Christy marks does, and for that we are fucking grateful. If you thought that Christy was just big tits and a smile and that was it, then you were wrong. Christy is more than that. Christy is big tits, a smile and the world’s hottest fuck pretzel. Don’t believe us? That’s cool. We understand if you have become disillusioned because of all the non-flexible big titters out there who can’t even touch their toes. The proof of Christy’s flexibility is in this video right here. Thanks to the miracle that is yoga, busty Christy can twist and bend herself into tons of positions making her pussy and tits more available to you. In our book, flexibility increases fuckability. What do you think?