Episode 4: Alani displayed the proper discipline during her last scene, so I’m ready to reward her with a much-deserved stuffing from my electrical strap-on.

She did such a great job chowing down on my snatch and licking my clit, so I give her what she really craves, a good, hard fucking from my electrical and not-so-little friend.

But that’s not before I have my own fun shocking her feet and ass hole with the Zapper.

Restraining her with ropes on a table, Alani’s on her back with her thighs spread open and feet in the air. Alani’s pussy is plugged by my electrical strap-on as she completely looses herself in lesbian electrosex ecstasy.

But I make sure she takes nothing for granted. As a reminder that she’s my fucktoy I turn up the current on her nipple clamps while she rides the waves of climaxes from my strap-on.

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