Moist Mams

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Big, wet tits…you gotta love ’em. In our opinion, big, wet tits are the answer to most of life’s snafus and bad trips. For example, let’s say you’ve had a terrible day at work and you’re feeling down and out. Wouldn’t seeing some big, wet tits make you feel better? How about dealing with some shitty times with your significant other? We promise you that your wifey’s bitching and yelling and complaining will seem less severe if followed by a bout with some big, wet tits. Just had a car accident? We guarantee that if you got to check out some big, wet tits while waiting for the cops to arrive on the scene, things wouldn’t seem so bad. And whose breasts are better candidates to be wet and big than Christy Marks’? Christy’s tits are meant to be wet and fondled. In fact, they should be dripping wet all the time. Check out Christy’s tit-fondling show in the Jacuzzi and start having a better day right now.