What assessment can be made of Savannah Fox other than Voracious Whore. What is the best way to bend a voracious whore to one’s will? Deny Her. But first, she must sweat.

I heard that she works out so I take her and my whip to the Armory Gym. She is strong! She knocks out probably 50 – 60 squats and sweats like a bitch in heat for us as I get some goals and rules out of her. Once she gets my program, I reward her with a hard squirting orgasm all over her pretty workout pants.

I drag her to the dungeon and strip her down to nude. I slap some leather around her throat and poke her face with anonymous, grunting joint. Between deep throat thrusts, I pick her up by the hair and torment her snatch with a vibe and whip the shit our of her breasts. That’s when the agony slut emerges and she starts squirting all over the place. Who knew the little slut comes from having her nipples whipped? Girl’s got talent.

The thing that really impresses me however is how fiercely she pokes that cock for us in reverse cowgirl. She is a screwing beast on that peter and we can barely keep up with her. It takes all I have to drain that snatch of everything it’s got, but I manage to get her completely used up and put away wet.

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